Organizations who support Team Chase

Del Sol Lions

Del Sol Lions

People who support Team Chase

Erin Lee Whicker
Irving Feldkamp
Joe Bell
Jose Doval
Ken McGrath
Parker Berling
Paul Davis
Rhea Makiaris
Seth Berling
Team Cretins
Tom Fisher
Tom Smith
Carlos Gutierrez
John Page
Chris Kostman


Bill and Lori Walton
Andy and Caroline Boyd
Rodney Boyd
Glen and Kimberly Plake
Zach Thorp
Jo Panzera
Matt Hoffman
Alan Zane
Michael Sequeira
Bill & Tina Logan
Curt & Martha Van Inwegen
Danelle Rager
Dean Roeper
Denise Mueller
Denny Valdez
Ed and Nancy Wyllie

If you've supported Team Chase and your name isn't on here don't be embarrassed to email us and let us know. Sometimes it's just hard to keep up!